Il volo


Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, and Gianluca Ginoble are the three members of IL VOLO.

In 2009 they individually participated in a talent show on Rai 1 called “Ti lascio una canzone,” which translates into “I’ll leave you with a song.” During this program they were noticed by Michele Torpedine  (a well-known Italian manager who has managed the careers of successes like Andrea Bocelli, Zucchero, Giorgia, and Biago Antonacci).  Torpedine decided to take the singers under his wing and embark on an international artistic journey relying on the boys’ vocal talents singularly as well as a trio.  From this point, an extraordinary journey began that would make them the first Italian artists in history to sign a contract with a major American music label.  Their self-titled debut album, “Il Volo,” received Platinum certification and made it to the Top Ten in the Billboard charts.

In 2010 they were the only Italian artists asked to participate in Quincy Jones “We are The World for Haiti” charity single.  They performed alongside 80 other international artists; such as Celine Dion, Bono, Lady Gaga, Carlos Santana, Barbra Streisand, Enrique Iglesias, Usher, Natalie Cole, and from the Black Eyed Peas.  Since 2012 they’ve participated in several important television programs in Europe, and in The United States; such as The Tonight Show, American Idol, Good Morning America, Today Show, Watten Das in Germany, Jerry Lewis’ MDA Labor Day Telethon, and the hugely successful “America’s Got Talent.”  On “America’s Got Talent,” they received high praise from Simon Cowell and a record number shares on social media.  Il Volo also participated in a Unicef-organized event for Children in the Horn of Africa hosted at the Venice Film Festival.

In 2011 Il Volo received two Latin Grammy nominations for the release of their album “Special Christmas Edition,” which sold millions of copies.  That same year Il Volo embarked on their first international tour and continued touring for four straight years.  The tour was televised in their first ever concert special and was re-aired over a thousand times.

In 2012 Barbra Streisand invited Il Volo to be an integral part of her “Back to Brooklyn” tour, where the group performed with her for 12 dates in America and Canada.  The tour introduced the duet “We are Love” with Placido Domingo and Ero Ramazzotti.  Their first ever live album titled “Il Volo Takes Flight” was released in 2012. The hit “Il Volo” rose to first and second place in the Billboard Classical Crossover charts.

In 2013 they had their first concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  Within eight hours of when tickets became available, they had already sold 1,600, and sold out within a few days.  The concert kicked off their tour through the United States, Canada, and Central and South America; 50 concerts all sold out, affirming Il Volo’s rising stardom in the lyrical pop genre.

That same year they released “Buon Natale – The Christmas Album” worldwide, which included some of the most famous classic Christmas hits. Within a few days, the album was in the Top Ten on iTunes Italia.  During this period, Il Volo also performed at the outstanding “Concerto di Natale nella Basilica Superiore di Assisi,” an annual Christmas concert held at the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi.  The concert was aired on RAI 1 on December 25th after the Holy Mass of the Pope.

2014 was another important year for Il Volo.  They received the award for best Latin pop album artist of the year, Duo or Group at the Latin Billboard Music Awards in Miami.  That same year they  had the privilege to perform in the Republic of Italy Senate in the Palazzo Madama for a charity concert.  It was aired live on Rai 1, immediately following the Angelus of Pope Francesco in  St. Peter’s Square in Rome.


In 2015 Il Volo participated and won at the famous Italian Sanremo Festival with their musical track “Grande Amore.” Sony Music then released their album which is a collection of famous songs documenting history of the Festival but reinterpreted in an contemporary and international way.  After their success at the Sanremo Festival in 2015, they were unstoppable. Their album, single, and video hit number one on  iTunes and reached record numbers on the web.  Immediately following, they were entered into the top of the FIMI/Gfk charts of most sold albums and singles respectively with triple platinum “Sanremo Grande Amore,” and  double platinum  “Grande Amore.” The album,  as well as the single,  topped the iTunes charts of Eurovision countries.

After their Sanremo success, Il Volo represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest, where they received the highest number of votes and were ranked number one.  On the final night their performance reached a peak number of shares.

It wasn’t just the public, but also the music critics that approved of the trio, awarding them the prestigious 2015 International Press Marcel Besançon Award.  To commemorate the occasion, Sony Music released their “L’amore Si Muove” album in 45 countries.  Within a few days, their album reached the top of the charts,  and Il Volo remained on the Italian and international charts for a long stretch with three seperate releases between CDs and DVDs.  Their success only grew with the sale of their book “Un’avventura Straordinari” released by Rizzoli Publishers.

Following Il Volo’s 2015 success, their Italian tour allowed them to perform in some beautiful  locations like Pompei.  Their performance in Pompei was recorded by the PBS National Broadcasting Network and shown all throughout the United States.  They concluded their Italian tour in the Verona Arena, which was televised live on Rai 1.  The end of their Italian tour marked the beginning of a lengthy tour in the United States, South America and Europe that sold out in all of the major cities.

Il Volo has dedicated 2016 and 2017 to their “Notte Magica” tour; a tribute to the 1990 event where the “Tre Tenori” Josè Carreras, Placido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti enchanted the whole world from the Caracalla Spa stage.

On July 1st in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence,  Il Volo will bring their “NOTTE MAGICA – Tributo ai Tre Tenori” tour on stage.  It will be broadcast the first night on Channel 5. The show will feature the exceptional participation of Placido Domingo and will also mark the start of the “NOTTE MAGICA – A Tribute to the Three Tenors” world tour, which debuted on March 4th to a sold-out concert in Radio City Music Hall.  

After 15 sold-out shows in the United States, the tour will begin on May 5th, 2017 in Europe with 29 dates and high demand ticket sales.  In September the tour will move on to Latin America.

The “NOTTE MAGICA – A Tribute to the Three Tenors” concert was picked up and broadcasted in the United States on the National Television Network PBS and in Italy on Channel 5. Starting in June, the concert will be transmitted in 500 cinemas in Italy and all over the world.

The group has had many busy years of almost completely uninterrupted activity between different initiatives and projects that also cover certain charities.  Il Volo has also used their time to be UNICEF ambassators.  They stay involved in their field with colleagues of the National Singers league in Italy and have recently been involved promoting an initiative organized by Caritas.