IL VOLO SRL, with registered head office in VIA SANTA CROCE 11, BOLOGNA (BO), responsible for the handling of personal data, states that in the website technical and analytics cookies are used to monitor browsing, rendered anonymous by obscuring IP addresses.
Third party technical cookies are also used within services such as Mailchimp (for Newsletter services) or in interactive and shared instruments with social networks and external platforms. In the site there are also links to web pages on other domains having specific cookie management which could require the visitor’s consent.
This site uses third party cookies for advertising purposes (Amazon Pixel Retargeting) to show announcements based on the areas of interest shown by visitors to third party internet sites.
The visitors to this website can choose not to receive announcements based on interest by Amazon Pixel Retargeting by visiting the Amazon Advertising “Preference” page available in the following languages:


or ​visit the relative “opt-out” page for the EU on YourOnlineChoices:


Please note that in the absence of a specific choice, by continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.
Some useful definitions to understand what is stated here, are found in the links to the third party policies and cookies cancellation methods (taken from the statement by the Data protection authority in matters of Information and consent to the use of cookies):

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that websites send to terminals for storing in order to be used the next time the site is visited (in short: portions of code installed inside the browser). So-called “third party” cookies are set by a different website to the one the visitor is browsing. There can be elements on a website (images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages on other domains, etc.) on different servers to the one being browsed.

What are cookies for?
Cookies have different purposes: executing computerised authentication, monitoring sessions, memorising information on specific configurations concerning visitors who access the server, memorising preferences, etc.

In general, cookies can be: Technical or Profiling, depending on what they are used for: technicise to memorise preferences of a technical nature for a better use of the website (preference, language, account etc.); profiling if they memorize tastes, habits, browsing choices.
First party or third party, depending on who installs them: first party if set by the site of the controller, third party if set by applications, sites, recalled social networks, but not set in the site of the controller.

What are “technical” cookies?
These are temporary or persistent cookies that are used to carry out browsing or offer a service requested by the visitor. They are not used for any other purpose. Without using these cookies¸ some operations could be omitted or would be more complex (for example cookies which allow undertaking and maintaining visitor identification authenticated within the session or until expiry).

Details for the website
The website for IL VOLO SRL can use technical cookies to save the Visitor’s session or his browsing preferences or to allow the setting of access criteria to reserved areas strictly necessary for the use of some services such as on-line registration, or for the management of statistics by the website controller.
In particular IL VOLO SRL contemplates the collection of personal data (e-mail address) in forms such as:


Are analytics statistics cookies “technical” cookies?
No. The Authority has specified that these can be assimilated with technical cookies only if used for optimising the use of the website directly by the website controller, able to collect information in an aggregate [anonymous] form on the number of visitors and how they browse the site. At these conditions, the same rules apply to cookie analytics, in terms of information and consent, as apply to technical cookies.

Technical cookies can be grouped into 3 types:

  • Browsing / session or persistent cookies, depending on whether these are memorised only for the duration of browsing until the browser is closed or whether they are saved in the visitor’s memory device until expiry or cancellation by the same visitor.
  • Cookie analytics, assimilated to technical cookies when used directly by the site controller or anonymised by third parties, used to obtain anonymous and aggregate statistics, useful in the optimisation of sites and the services offered. This is nonetheless information that does not allow to personally identify the visitors.
  • Operating Cookies, which allow the visitor to browse in relation to a series of select criteria. Operating cookies offer improved function of the site and allow access to additional services or improvements on subsequent visits to the site.


Details for the website
The website uses technical cookies to manage statistics that allow the Data Management Controller to monitor and analyse data traffic and, if these are not anonymous, to trace the Visitor’s habits. Therefore please note that it is IL VOLO SRL that renders anonymous the IP address of origin by intervening on the embedded code of the WordPress plugin for statistics trace.

What are profiling cookies ?
These are cookies used to keep track of the visitor’s browsing and to create a profile of his tastes, habits choices, in order to forward customised advertising options and improve the effectiveness of campaigns.

Details for the website
The website uses instruments to interact with social networks and to share contents on external platforms. All interaction and information gained from these applications are in any event subject to the visitor’s privacy settings and refer to each social network:


At present there are NO share buttons on the website.

What are Retargeting cookies?
These are cookies that allow viewing advertising banners when you are on other websites, showing products and services you could be interested in. The use of these cookies does not involve the handling of personal data, but can allow connection to your computer or other devices and the retrieval of stored data: these cookies connect to the browser installed in your computer or other devices used when browsing our site.

Details for the website
The website encompasses the Retargeting Cookies of the Amazon circuit, to show announcements based on the interests of the visitors on third party internet sites. Visitors to these websites can choose not to receive announcements based on interest from Amazon Pixel Retargeting by visiting the relative “Preferences” page on Amazon Advertising, available in the various languages:


o​r by visiting the relative “opt-out” page for the E.U. on YourOnlineChoices:


Please note that in the absence of a specific choice, by continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Must the visitor consent to the installation of cookies in your terminal?
This depends on the purpose for the use of the cookies and therefore if these are “technical” or “profiling” cookies. Installing technical cookies does not require the visitor’s consent, while it is necessary to supply the information policy (art. 13 of the Privacy Code). Profiling cookies, instead, can be installed in the visitor’s terminal only if he has given his consent after having been informed using simplified methods, therefore only after having given his consent.

How must the site controller supply the simplified information policy and request consent to the use of profiling cookies?
As established by the Authority in the provision indicated at question n. 4, the information policy must be set on two levels. At the moment when a visitor accesses a website (on the home page or any other page), a banner must immediately appear with the initial information “in brief”, the request for consent to the use of cookies and a link to access more “in depth” information which will give the visitor more information in greater detail regarding cookies in order to choose which cookies to authorise.

What must be contained in the “in depth” information?
All the elements required by law must be included, as well as an analytical description of the characteristics and purposes of the cookies installed from the website and must allow the visitor to select/unselect individual cookies. It must include the updated link to the information policy and consent forms for third parties with whom the controller has agreements for the installation of cookies from his own website. Lastly it must state that the visitor can indicate his own choice regarding cookies also through the browser settings used.

Who must state the Information Policy and request consent for the use of cookies?
The website controller installing profiling cookies. For third party cookies installed through the site, the information and consent requirements are the responsibility of the third parties, but the controller of the site, being the technical intermediary between the cookies and the visitor, must include, in the “in depth” information, the links updated with the information policy and the consent forms from the same third parties. For this purpose IL VOLO SRL offers the following instructions to disable third party cookies via Browser (as an alternative to the opt-out offered by the individual applications).

To deactivate, remove or block cookies via browser, including those installed previously and including the Cookie where a consent to the use of cookies has been installed, it is possible to resort to the browser settings in use on each device used, according to the specifications stated below:

Firefox: [see also on-line instructions ]

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Press “Alt” on the keyboard;
  3. From the instrument bar at the top, select “Instruments”, and then “Options”;
  4. Select “Privacy”;
  5. From the pull down menu next to “History settings”, select “Use personal settings”;
  6. Unselect the option “Accept cookies from sites” and click on “Ok” to save preferences.


Internet Explorer: [see also on-line instructions ]

  1. Open Internet Explorer;
  2. Click on the icon “Instruments” and then on “Internet Options”;
  3. Select “Privacy” and move the sliding cursor onto the preferred privacy setting (moving it upwards will block all the cookies, moving it downwards will accept all the cookies);
  4. Click on “Ok” to confirm the settings chosen.


Google Chrome: [see also on-line instructions]

  1. Open Google Chrome;
  2. Click on the icon “Instruments”;
  3. Select “Settings”, then click on “Show Advanced Settings”;
  4. Select “Content Settings” under “Privacy”;
  5. In “Cookies” it is possible to unselect the cookies and save the preferences. [chrome://settings/content]


Safari: [see also on-line instructions ]

  1. Open Safari;
  2. Select “Preferences” from the instrument bar then select the panel “Security/Privacy”;
  3. [for iPhone and iPad: settings – Safari – Privacy and security]
  4. In the area “Accept/block cookie” specify if and when you wish Safari to save cookies from websites. For more information click on the question mark;
  5. For more information on cookies memorised on your computer, click on “Show cookies”.


Notwithstanding the aforementioned, IL VOLO SRL states that the visitor can consult Your Online Choices. This service will allow you to manage your trace preferences in the majority of advertising instruments and profiling cookies.